Asphalt Patching

Asphalt Patching is the repair of a damaged or missing area of asphalt road or other pavement surface by the placement of new asphalt. Asphalt Patching is considered to be a maintenance activity.

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Asphalt Patching includes the following sub-activities:

  1. Pothole Patching
  2. Service Authority reinstatements
  3. Re-surfacing of sunken trenches / reinstatements
  4. Repairs to broken asphalt edges
  5. Regulation of small scale rutting / general settlements (prevalent due to our re-active subgrades)
  6. Crack Sealing (small scale)
  7. Crushed rock shoulder repairs / maintenance


Legislative Context

Division 3, Section 40 of the Victorian Road Management Act 2004 specifies that Councils have a statutory duty to inspect, maintain and repair public roads for which they are the responsible Road Authority, to the standard specified in their Road Management Plan.

Plant & Equipment

The following plant and equipment may be used in carrying out asphalt patching:

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