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Council Functions and Services 
This page and the list of council functions and services it contains serves a number of purposes:
  • It provides a basis for quantifying the exact number of services delivered by Council;
  • It provides an overview of the services provided by Council;
  • It serves as a checklist for the Service Planning Project and for Business Plans and for insuring all appropriate asset related services levels are incorporated into Council's Asset Management Plans. 
The Victorian Local Government Act 1989 nominates eight functions for which Councils are responsible, namely:

(a) advocating and promoting proposals which are in the best interests of the local community;
(b) planning for and providing services and facilities for the local community;
(c) providing and maintaining community infrastructure in the municipal district;
(d) undertaking strategic and land use planning for the municipal district;
(e) raising revenue to enable the Council to perform its functions;
(f) making and enforcing local laws;
(g) exercising, performing and discharging the duties, functions and powers of Councils under this Act and other Acts;
(h) any other function relating to the peace, order and good government of the municipal district. 

These functions incorporate a large number of services and service activities, which are documented below. 
  1. ​​Advocacyadvocating and promoting proposals which are in the best interests of the local community
    1. Advocacy
      1. Advocacy Plan Development (Adv)
      2. Local Investment Advocacy (Adv)
      3. Advocacy Evidence Base Development (Adv)
      4. Advocacy Plan Implementation (Adv)
      5. Community Services Advocacy (CSM)​​
  2. Community Servicesplanning for and providing services and facilities for the local community;
    1. Aged and Disabled Services
      1. HACC Services Delivery (ADS)​​
        1. HACC Assessment
        2. Aboriginal Access and Support
        3. Delivered Meals
        4. Personal Care 
        5. Planned Activity Group Management
        6. Property Maintenance Assistance
        7. Respite Care
      2. Positive Ageing Support (ADS
      3. Home Garden Maintenance (ADS)​​
    2. Arts Development
      1. Arts Community Development (CCD)​
      2. Art Collection Management (CCD)
      3. Theatre Management (ACC)​​
      4. Art Exhibition Management (CCD)
    3. Business Support / Economic Development
      1. Food Manufacturing Sector Support (EDOP
      2. Retail Sector Development (EDOP)
      3. Agricultural Business Support (EDOP)
      4. Business Sector Support  (EDOP)
    4. Community Group Support
      1. Community Development and Inclusion (LCI
      2. Community Development Grants Program Management (LCI)
      3. Community Bus Hire
      4. Festival and Events Sponsorship (CCD)
    5. Family Support
      1. Inclusion and Professional Support Program Management (FCYP)
      2. Whittlesea Early Years Partnerships Management (FCYP)​
    6. Family Day Care
      1. Family Day Care Management (FCYP)
    7. Festival and Events Management
      1. Family Events Management (FCYP)​ 
      2. Festival and Events Program Management (CCD) 
      3. Community Events Management (ACC)
      4. Civic Function Management (CA)
      5. Corporate Event Management (ACC)​
      6. Public Event Approvals (CCD)
    8. Fire Prevention
      1. Fire Hazard Management (LL)
    9. Immunisation Service
      1. Infant and Public Immunisation Program (HABR)​
      2. School Immunisation Program (HABR)​
      3. Workplace Immunisation Program (HABR)​​
    10. Justice of the Peace and Document Witnessing Service
      1. Justice of the Peace Service
      2. Document Witnessing Service
    11. Kindergarten Enrolments
      1. Kindergarten Enrolment Service (FCYP)
    12. Library Service
      1. Library Service
    13. Litter Management and Graffiti Removal
      1. Broken Glass Removal (I)
      2. Graffiti Removal (I)
      3. Landfill Rehabilitation (I)
      4. Litter Bin Repair (I)
      5. Litter Bin Replacement (I)
      6. Litter Control (LL)​​ 
      7. Roadside Litter Collection (I)
      8. Street Bin Litter Collection (I)​
    14. Local Heritage Management and Promotion
      1. Cultural Heritage Program Development (CCD)​
      2. Heritage Co-ordination (CA)
      3. Civic History Collection Management (CCDCA)​
      4. Heritage Site and Place Management (CA)​​
    15. Maternal and Child Health Services
      1. Maternal and Child Health Service (FCYP)​
    16. Play Group Support
      1. ​Play Group Support (FCYP)​
    17. Property Management
      1. Property Management (PVS)
      2. Lease Management (PVS)​ 
    18. Public Event Safety Assurance
      1. Public Event Safety Assurance (BS)​​
    19. School Crossing Supervision
      1. School Crossing Supervision (LL)​
    20. Tourism Promotion
      1. Tourism Promotion (EDOP)​​
    21. Waste and Recyclables Collection
      1. Garbage Collection (I) 
      2. Green Waste Collection (I)
      3. Hard Waste Collection​ (I)​
    22. Youth Support
      1. ​Youth Services (FCYP)​
  3. Infrastructure Provision and Maintenanceproviding and maintaining community infrastructure in the municipal district
    1. Community Facility Management
      1. Convention Centre Management (ACC)
      2. Golf activity management and development (GC)​
      3. Leisure Facility Management (LCI)
      4. Public Toilet Cleaning (I)​
    2. Community Facility Provision
      1. Community Infrastructure Planning and Delivery (CSM)
      2. Public Toilet Provision
    3. Conservation and Bushland Management
      1. Bushland Management (POS) 
      2. Conservation reserve planning management and maintenance (POS)
      3. Fuel Reduction Burning (POS)​
      4. Native vegetation offset site management (POSSPD​, EAPGADA)​​
    4. Footpath Provision and Maintenance
      1. Footpath Construction (ETS)
      2. Footpath Inspection (I)
      3. Footpath Maintenance (I)
      4. Footpath Sweeping (I)​
    5. Parks and Open Space Provision
      1. Strategic Open Space Planning (POS)
      2. Reserve Master Plan Preparation (POS)
      3. Landscape Construction Oversight and Surveillance (POS)
      4. Design, construction and delivery of Parks and Open Space assets (POS)
      5. Parks and Open Space Development (POS)​
      6. Playground Provision (POS)​​ 
      7. Playground Renewal (POS)​
      8. Street Tree Planting (POS)​​
      9. Golf Course Management (GC,  POS) 
    6. Parks and Street Tree Maintenance
      1. Park MaintenanceParks and Gardens Cyclic Maintenance (POS) 
      2. Park MaintenanceReserve Asset Maintenance (POS)
      3. Playground Maintenance (POS)
      4. Tree Maintenance (POS)
      5. Tree Renewal (POS)
      6. Sportsfield Maintenance​ / Sports Facility Maintenance (POS)​
    7. Road Infrastructure Maintenance
      1. Asphalt Patching (I)
      2. Asphalt Regulation (I)
      3. Bridge Cleaning (I)
      4. Bridge Parapet Maintenance (I)
      5. Bridge Structural Repairs (I)
      6. Bus Shelter Cleaning (I)
      7. Bus Shelter Maintenance (I)
      8. Crack Sealing (I)
      9. Culvert Maintenance (I)
      10. Dust Suppression (I)
      11. Edge Patching (I)
      12. Edge Trimming (I)
      13. Guard Rail Repairs (I)
      14. Guidepost and Delineator Maintenance (I)
      15. Isolated Pavement Repairs (I)
      16. Land Slip Clearing (I)
      17. Line Marking (I)
      18. Minor Bridge Repairs (I)
      19. Minor Road Surface Treatment (I)
      20. Noxious Weed Control (I)
      21. Pavement Cleaning (I)
      22. Pedestrian Safety Fencing Repairs (I)​ 
      23. Rest Area Maintenance (I)
      24. Road Drainage (ETS)
      25. Road Inspection (I)
      26. Road Rehabilitation (ETS) ​
      27. Road Resurfacing (I)
      28. Road Shoulder Maintenance (I)
      29. Roadside Grass and Weed Control (I)
      30. Roadside Litter Collection (I)
      31. Roadside Maintenance (I)
      32. Roadside Mowing (I)
      33. Roadside Vegetation Management (I)
      34. Shoulder Grading (I)
      35. Shoulder Spot Filling Grading (I)
      36. Sign Maintenance (IPOS)
      37. Sign and Pavement Marking Replacement (I)
      38. Snow Clearing (I)
      39. Street Furniture Maintenance (I)
      40. Street Furniture Repairs (I)
      41. Street Sweeping (I)
      42. Street Tree Planting (I)
      43. Surface Drain and Verge Maintenance (I)
      44. Unsealed Road Grading (I)
      45. Unsealed Road Maintenance (I)
    8. Road Infrastructure Provision
      1. Bus Shelter Replacement
      2. Public Lighting Provision (ETS)
      3. Road Construction (ETS)
      4. Road and Transportation Infrastructure Design (ETS)
      5. Street Furniture Replacement (I)​
      6. Street Lighting (ETS)
      7. Subdivisional Road Construction Supervision (ETS)
      8. Traffic Engineering (ETS
      9. Utility Installation (ETS)
    9. ​​​Stormwater Drainage Provision and Maintenance
      1. Culvert Maintenance / Culvert Repairs (I)​
      2. Drainage Discharge Point Determination (DE)​ 
      3. Kerb and Channel Cleaning (I)​
      4. Kerb and Channel Repairs (I)​
      5. Open Drain Maintenance (I)​
      6. Root Cutting (I)​
      7. Stormwater Drainage Design (ETS)​
      8. Stormwater Pipe Repairs (I)​
      9. Drainage Pit Cleaning (I)​
      10. Stormwater Pit Repairs (I)​
      11. Stormwater Pit Lid Replacement​ (I)​
      12. Subsurface Drain Maintenance (I)​
      13. WSUD and ASR Infrastructure Management​ (I)​
      14. WSUD Infrastructure Maintenance (I)​
      15. Drainage Improvement Works (ETS)
      16. Drain Cleaning (I)​
      17. Drainage Pit Cleaning (I)​
      18. Drainage Pit Inspections (I)​
      19. Gross Pollutant Trap Cleaning (I)​
      20. Gross Pollutant Trap Repairs (I)​
    10. Traffic Management
      1. Traffic Engineering (ETS)
      2. Transport Planning and Development Referrals (ETS)
      3. Parking Services / Parking Restriction Enforcement (LL)
      4. Traffic Control (I)​
      5. Car Park Provision
      6. VicRoads Electrical Failure Reporting​ (I)​
    11. Development Assessments and Approvals
      1. Statutory Engineering Plan Approvals (DE)
      2. Non-Statutory Engineering Plan Approvals (DE)
  4. Strategic and Land Use Planning - undertaking strategic and land use planning for the municipal district​
    1. Land Use Planning
      1. ​Social Planning (EAP)
      2. Strategic Land Use Planning (SPD​, EAPGADA)
      3. Statutory Land Use Planning (EAPGADA)
      4. Urban Design (SPD​) 
    2. Strategic Planning
      1. Strategic Planning  (FCYP​)​
      2. Planning for an Ageing Population (ADS)​
  5. ​Revenue Raisingraising revenue to enable the Council to perform its functions​
    1. Revenue Raising
      1. Revenue Collection (FS)
      2. Fee setting and collection (FS)
      3. State and Federal grant applications (FS)
      4. Loan management (FS)
  6. Local Law Enforcementmaking and enforcing local laws​
    1. Animal Management
      1. Animal Pound and Shelter Management (LL)
      2. Barking Dog Investigations (LL)
      3. Dog Attack Investigations (LL)​
      4. Stray Animal Collection (LL)​
    2. Local Law Enforcement
      1. Local Laws Compliance (LL)
      2. Local Law Prosecutions (LL)
      3. Footpath Trading Inspections, Audits and Compliance  (LL)
      4. Parking ServicesParking Restriction Enforcement  (LL)
  7. Legislated Dutiesexercising, performing and discharging the duties, functions and powers of Councils under this Act and other Acts;​
    1. Building Quality Control
      1. Building Application Assessement (BS) 
      2. Building Inspections (BS​)
      3. Assessment of Report and Consent applications (BS​)
      4. Property Information Provision (DE) 
    2. Building Safety Inspections
      1. Essential Safety Measures Auditing (BS)​​
      2. Swimming Pool Safety Auditing (BS)​​​
      3. Emergency Structural Damage Assessment (BS)
      4. Hoarding Safety Assessments (BS)​
    3. Health Standards Enforcement
      1. Food Surveillance (HABR)
      2. Infectious Disease Surveillance (HABR)
      3. Nuisance Minimisation (HABR)
      4. Public Health and Wellbeing Premises Surveillance (HABR)
      5. Tobacco Act Enforcement (HABR)
      6. Wastewater Management (HABR)
    4. Property Valuations
      1. General Valuations (PVS)
      2. Supplementary Valuations (PVS​)
    5. Statutory Financial Reporting and Plan Development
      1. Statutory Financial Reporting (FS)
      2. Long Term Financial Plan Development (FS)
      3. Strategic Resource Plan Development (FS)​
      4. Monthly Financial Reporting (FS)
  8. Peace, Order and Good Governanceany other function relating to the peace, order and good government of the municipal district​
    1. Community Education
      1. Responsible Pet Ownership Education (LL)
      2. Anti Racism Education (CCD) 
      3. Multiculturalism Education (CCD)
      4. Reconciliation Education (CCD​) 
      5. Sustainability Education (SP​)
      6. Land Management Education (SP)
      7. Environmental Sustainability Education (SP)
      8. Parent and Early Years Provider Education (FCYP)
      9. Healthy Living Education (HABR)​
      10. Maternal Child Health and Parent Education (FCYP) 
      11. School Safety Education (LL)
      12. Head Lice Education and Eradication (HABR)​
      13. Community Services Education (CA)
    2. Emergency Management
      1. Business Continuity Planning (REM)​
      2. Emergency Planning (REM)
      3. Municipal Emergency Management Planning Committee (REM)
      4. Individual and Community Emergency Preparedness and Resilience (REM)
      5. Council Emergency Preparedness and Resilience (REM)​
    3. Municipal Administration
      1. Accounting Standard and Regulation Compliance (FS) 
      2. Asset Management (ETSEDOP) 
        1. ​Asset Management Coordination (EDOP)
        2. Asset Data Collection (EDOPETS, I, POS​)
        3. Asset Naming (CA)​​
      3. Asset Protection (LL, I)
      4. Audit Compliance (FS)
      5. Budget Management (FS)​
      6. Business Planning Support (EDOP)
      7. Communications and Telephony Equipment Provision and Support (IT)
      8. Community Planning (EDOP)
      9. Computer Equipment Provision and Support (IT)
      10. Consultation and Engagement Support  (EDOP)​
      11. Continuous Improvement Opportunity Identification (OI
      12. Contract Compilation and Execution  (PS​)
      13. Contract Management
        1. Parks and Gardens Services Contract Management (POS​)​
      14. Corporate Analytics (EDOP)
      15. Corporate Greenhouse Gas Emissions Reporting (SP)
      16. Corporate Sustainabilty Facilitation (SP)
      17. Council Planning​  (EDOP)​
      18. Customer Enquiry Management (CA)​​
      19. Customer Service (All Staff)
      20. Disability Action Plan Implementation (HABR)​
      21. Employee Performance Improvement Management (HR​)
      22. Employee Relations Management (HR)
      23. Facilities Management (LCI​)
      24. Fleet Services (I
      25. Freedom of Information Reporting
      26. GIS Dataset Maintenance (IT)
      27. Growling Frog Restaurant Lease Management (GC)
      28. Health and Wellbeing Planning (HABR)
      29. HR Analytics (HR)
      30. ICT Disaster Recovery Management (IT)
      31. Information Management (CA)​
      32. Infrastructure Development (FCYP)
      33. Infrastructure Management (I​)
      34. Infrastructure Planning (DE)
      35. Insurance Claim Management (RM)​​
      36. Integrated Transport Strategy Development (ETS)
      37. Internal Communications (MC)
      38. IT System Performance Management (IT)
      39. Learning Development Program Management (PC)​
      40. Leisure Planning (LCI)
      41. Management Accounting (FS)
      42. Marketing and Partnerships Development (MC)
      43. Networking and Partnership Support (CSM)
      44. Names and Address Register Maintenance (FS)
      45. New Works Program Management (MP
      46. Non-Statutory Financial Management (FS)
      47. Occupational Health and Safety Coordination (RM)
      48. Occupational Health and Safety Training (RM)
      49. OHS Management System Development (RM)
      50. Open Space Planning (POS)
      51. Performance Development Planning Facilitation (PC)
      52. Planning Referral Assessment (DE)
      53. Process and System Improvement (OI)​
      54. Payment of Creditors (FS)​
      55. Payroll Processing (HR)​ 
      56. Project Management (OI)
      57. Project Management Framework Management (MP)
      58. Project Planning and Facilitation (MP)
      59. Property Data Base Maintenance (PVS)
      60. Provision of advice and assistance in delivery of sustainability outcomes (SP
      61. Public Tender Management (PS)​ 
      62. Report Writing (OI)
      63. Research (OI) 
      64. Return to Work and Rehabilitation Coordination (RM)
      65. Risk Management Co-ordination (RM)​ 
      66. Social Media Management (MC)​
      67. Software Provision and Support (IT)
      68. Staff Recruitment (HR) 
      69. Staff Research Competency Development (OI)
      70. Statistical Data Analysis (OI)
      71. Stock Ordering (PS)
      72. Strategic Communications (MC)
      73. Strategic Media Relations (MC​)
      74. Strategic Online Communications (MC)
      75. Strategic social policy development and implementation (CSM)
      76. Survey Development and Management (OI)
      77. Website Management (MCIT​)​
      78. WorkCover Management  (RM)​
      79. Workforce Equity, Diversity and Inclusion Management (HR)​
      80. Works, Services and Goods Procurement (PS​) 
    4. Municipal Governance
      1. Good Governance (CA)
      2. Voters Roll Maintenance (FS​)
  1. Function
    1. Service
      1. Service Activity
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